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The question of whether "all things" will be "made subject" and reconciled to God at the end of the ages to the end that God will be "all in all" is a very important and controversial one. 1 Cor 15:22 For as in Adam
all die, even so in Christ
all shall be made alive....
28 Now when all things
are made subject to Him, then
the Son Himself will also
be subject to Him who put
all things under Him, that
God may be all in all. NKJV
Often this topic of "universal reconciliation" is also referred to as "christian universalism". Paramount to this study is the scriptural meaning of the words "all things" and "all in all". Some bible teachers like to be selective with the meaning of the words "all" or "all things" because of preconceived beliefs that they have. However, if one really wants to know, a more honest approach is always important. Namely, the word "all" and the words "all things" mean what they say and say what they mean. According to the Thayer's biblical Greek definition lexicon, the biblical words for "all things" and "all" is Strong's number 3956, and means "any, every one, any and every, of every kind, the whole." This Greek word as it is used 2 times in 1 Corinthians 15:22, 3 times in 15:28 and 20 times total in this chapter does not look like it leaves any person out who has ever lived. And the emphasis of the entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 15 is clearly the resurrection from the dead.

This word for "all" can be selective, but only according to the actual context within which it is written. For example, if the context within which it is written says or implies "all people". Then this means "all people" regardless of whether they are currently part of the body of Christ or not. On the other hand, if the context of the word "all" categorizes its usage. Meaning that it states "all" in the context of a certain group of people or a certain group of things. For example, "all Americans", "all Germans", "all Italians", "all nations", "all the saints", etc. Then it means what it says, namely "every or the whole of all Americans." "Every or the whole of all Germans, Italians, nations, saints, etc." This usage always depends on the context within which it is written. However, in 1 Corinthians 15:28 the word for "all" looks like it covers every one and every kind and at this future time "when all things are made subject to Him" (Christ), then God will truly be "all in all".

The problem that we face however, is that sometimes people create definitions for biblical words that have the potential for doctrinal bias and then apply this doctrinal bias to their teachings. For example, when I first became a christian, I was taught that the biblical word "all" can mean either "all without exception or all with distinction." This is O.K. as long as that distinction is understood solely within its context with examples given above. However, when the understanding of just what makes up the word "all" is not understood in its context then doctrinal bias and scriptural error and inaccuracy will plague ones biblical understanding. And if one believes that the bible contains words of truth, like I believe, then ones understanding of what is truth will be contaminated.

In presenting this web site, it is my hope and goal that an unbiased and scripturally based understanding of the question, "will God reconcile "all" people to himself at the end of the ages resulting in ultimately the salvation for "all""? Or will God be able to save only a selected few? This is the question that many people have today and it has been a question throughout the history of man. In writing this web site to help people get a biblically based understanding of this, I have sought the additional teaching services of seven very knowledgeable bible teachers and their biblical ministries with links to some of their bible teachings below. They are Dr. Stephen E. Jones with God's Kingdom Ministries, Gerry Beachemin and his book Hope Beyond Hell, Dr. Ernest L. Martin and the ministry that he started and which has been continued by David Sielaff, Associates For Scriptural Knowledge, L. Ray Smith with his biblical teaching Series "Lake of Fire" offered on his web site, Louis Abbott through videos as interviewed by Gary Amirault and Gary Amirault of Tentmaker Ministries.

I wish you all the best in your quest for the truth and may you with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ find it.

Best Regards In Christ,
Mark Sanguinetti,
Web site author for

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