Lake Of Fire Series
Holy Bible

The Lake of Fire biblical teaching series was written by L. Ray Smith. Ray put a lot of very good biblical work into his series of articles. Ray also had a good writing style that can be straight forward, to the point, simple and readable, even for some complex and detailed biblical subjects. Ray has also been very scriptural and well researched as shown by the many times he quotes and makes reference to scriptures, while also being accurate, practical and well rounded in his interpretation.

One challenge though. Ray covers a lot of material in his "Lake of Fire" teaching series and on his web site One can only learn so much over a given period of time and this is also true for teachers who need to learn first before they can teach others. People may not agree with everything Ray has written. But then the many biblical subjects that Ray covers could be challenging for some people and Ray covered some of the most difficult biblical subjects, for example the book of Revelation "Lake of Fire". But then Ray seemed to me to be a very aggressive biblically determined individual. However, no one person has to cover every biblical topic. And this is why I have a team of teachers contributing to the knowledge in this web site and not one all knowing all wise one. And yes, the only all knowing, all wise teacher is a spiritual man who is in some good company at God's right hand. And you should know who that is. The Lord Jesus Christ.

Nevertheless, overall I highly value Ray's biblical teaching work. It is truely enlightening and I appreciate his work and insights. And just because we may not agree with all biblical teachings and interpretations does not mean that we should not learn from someone like L. Ray Smith who did honest study and work in his biblical writings. So for this web site discussing christian universalism with the help of Ray's teachings on the biblical subject, "Lake of fire". We can do a study of the first 8 chapters of Ray's online book, the "Lake of Fire" series with links to each individual chapter below. And if anyone wants to take a look at Ray's web site and read some of his other teachings feel free to do so. His web site again is

The "Lake of Fire" Series

  1. A Scriptural Journey Through the Lake Burning with Fire and Brimstone
  2. The Real Origin Of Sin
  3. Judgment by Fire Must Begin at the House of God
  4. Understanding Spiritual Things
  5. A Scriptural Explanation of the Lake of Fire
  6. Two Judgments by FIRE
  7. The Seven Symbolic Churches of Revelation
  8. Where Is the Church Jesus Built?