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Stephen E. Jones, God's Kingdom MinistriesDr. Stephen E. Jones was born in Marion, Indiana January 29, 1950. At the age of three, his parents went as missionaries to the Philippine Islands under the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and they spent a total of nine years in that far-off land. Upon returning to America, they lived in Minnesota, where Stephen finished high school and then went to St. Paul Bible College and the University of Minnesota, majoring in Philosophy and Humanities. He later received his masters degree and doctorate from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.

From 1975-1981 he worked as an assistant pastor for a small independent church in Phoenix, Arizona and then helped establish a church in New Mexico for a short time. However, a profound spiritual experience in 1982 changed his life, took him out of pastoral ministry, and the Spirit led him into the "wilderness" for a ten-year time of humbling and training in the principles of the divine law. In late 1990, when he finally concluded that God had no need of his services, and when he was content to just continue working in the secular field, then God called him back into the ministry full time.

Beginning in 1991 Dr. Jones has written a number of well researched, readable, and enlightening biblical study books and articles with many of them posted on his God's Kingdom Ministries web site. Stephen is especially knowledgeable and good at giving insight into the Old Testament scriptural passages as his knowledge of the Old Testament is comparable to people who write Old Testament commentaries. In addition, Stephen has an unusual ability to relate the Old Testament to the New Testament and with great insight harmonizing the two. But then this was the method of the apostle Paul in writing his New Testament church epistles as Paul before believing in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as his Lord, studied the Old Testament greatly and often quotes from the Old Testament in his church epistle writings.

Dr. Jones' first project in 1992 was to write Creation's Jubilee, an eye-opening study of what Acts 3:21 calls "the restoration of all things" (NASB). This is one of the first booklets that the web author, Mark Sanguinetti read to get informed on this vital biblical subject. Stephen, who I know personally, has been very supportive in the authoring of this christian educational web site.

Gerry Beauchemin, Hope Beyond HellGerry Beauchemin has been involved in full or part time missions since 1988. He has served as a missionary in Mexico, the Philippines, Senegal, West Africa, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), the Luke Society, and Philippine Health Care Ministries. Since 2001, he has been directing Dental Training for Missions in Brownsville, Texas where he trains missionaries to provide simplified dental care with the love, gentleness, and compassion of Christ. He and his wife, Denise, (of 27 years, from the year that the web site author wrote this), have three daughters.

Gerry can be found on the internet through his web site . Gerry is the author of the book "Hope Beyond Hell" published in 2010 with the entire first chapter titled "Pillars" an integral part of this Christian educational web site. In preparation for the writing of this book Gerry extensively reflected upon, read the works of others, and for many years wrestled with and studied the Scriptures on this theme. He has found solid Biblical evidence for his conclusion of hope. He has agonized for most of his life over hell and understands the contradictions it brings upon the Christian faith and the Scriptures. Gerry asked himself and God, “Who am I to write such a book?” Then he recalled 1Co. 1:26-29, “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise...that no flesh should glory in his presence." (KJV) This along with Mt. 10:27 and 11:25 has inspired him.

Ernest L. Martin, Associates For Scriptural KnowledgeDr. Ernest L. Martin (died January 2002) was born in Meeker, Oklahoma on April 20, 1932. He attended Ambassador College (now University and accredited) for B.A. (1958), M.A. in Theology (1962), and Ph.D. in Education (1966). He was Secretary of the Board at Ambassador campus in England from 1960 to 72 and Senior Professor of History and Theology and Elementary Meteorology. He was Dean of Faculty at Ambassador campus in England from 1966 to 72. He was the founder of Associates for Scriptural Knowledge in 1985. Ernest authored over 200 special theological and historical studies in printed form, including five editions of "The Tithing Dilemma" (over 100,00 copies in print and sold) and over 400 cassette taped lectures on similar subjects, and appeared numerous times on Television and Radio programs in which he was interviewed.

Dr. Martin's ecclesiastical persuasion was non-denominational in beliefs. His main interest was to restore biblical truth to this End-Time generation (before the Second Advent of Christ) and to make all people to have the opportunity of knowing the truth of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, no matter who they are — whatever their status of race, sex, social or political beliefs, and of whatever religious persuasion they have.

Since the Holy Scriptures dogmatically teach the Universal Reconciliation of all humans throughout all periods of human history, he was an ardent advocate of this Scriptural truth. He hoped that all people on earth can experience their freedoms that they all have in Christ. All his writings attest to this fundamental truth that motivated his academic and religious endeavors and activities.

David Sielaff, Associates For Scriptural KnowledgeDavid Sielaff is the director of Associates for Scriptural Knowledge having taking over for Ernest L. Martin upon his death. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Sielaff attended grade and high school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and in 1972 he graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Bachelor of Arts degree as a dual major in History and Political Science. His personal studies in theology, biblical studies and history have always held a fascination for him. He attended Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California and received a Masters of Arts in Theology degree in June 1987.

Raised Lutheran, he became a member of the Worldwide Church of God from approximately 1969 to 1973. He has had no denominational associations since that time. He discovered the work of Ernest Martin in 1974. Dr. Martin's theological and historical work has been seminal to Mr. Sielaff's understanding of the Bible and the world, which was later supplemented by his seminary experience. It was since that time he learned the truths of God regarding the Universal Reconciliation of all to God and the eventual purification of all of mankind through the redemptive work of Christ Jesus.

Over the years David developed a relationship with Dr. Martin and began typesetting and editing his books in 1993. David has been diligent in editing Dr. Martin's books for clarity, not content. This is his philosophy in putting out the mass of work that Dr. Martin produced independently over 40 years of work. The purpose of which has been to have the Holy Scriptures plainly and simply speak the Word of God into your mind. David has had an e-mail relationship with the web author of, Mark Sanguinetti, since 2007 and has been very supportive in providing biblical education content for the the onlookers of the world wide web.

Julian Kernes, Graphic Artist Julian Kernes is a highly skilled independent graphic artist, who works under his copyright © JKE Graphics. His considerable computer skills include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Pagemaker and Quarkxpress. Julian makes his home in Trenton New Jersey and earned his Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the Philadelphia College of Art. Julian works as a graphic artist providing needed graphic skills especially with business brochures for companies in Trenton, New Jersey and via e-mail and the Internet for Mark Sanguinetti's California based business Team Sports Distributors also know by the trade name dynamo athletic™. Julian has provided needed graphic skills including screen print color separations and has worked with Mark since their friendship began in about 1988 when Julian lived in California.

Julian is an esteemed member of the Trenton Artist Workshop Association having served as president. Julian always had a natural talent for art and drawing. He is a versatile thinker whose creativity is always apparent. In his spare time he enjoys painting, movies and other artwork. He gives back to the community by contributing to numerous local charitable organizations. Julian has over twenty five years of experience as an artist and is also a member of the Princeton Premier Registry. Julian has also been written up by the New York Times for his considerable graphic skills with his greeting cards and tee-shirt designs. One of his graphic tee-shirt designs, titled "Trenton Makes and the World Takes" showing the local Trenton, New Jersey bridge, was also recently seen on the ABC nightly news.

James Gonzalez, College of Marin TeacherJames Gonzalez is a computer applications and multimedia professor at the College of Marin, California, where he teaches courses in interactive media design, eLearning and Web technologies. James is also on the faculty of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division, where he teaches courses in interactive media and Web design. James’ current professional focus is on the application of digital media in online instructional environments. He has taught courses nationwide on the use of digital media software and its applications in instructional environments and has also published numerous works on these subjects including more than two dozen video and web-based instructional courses covering a variety of software applications including: Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Premiere and many others. James has also written the web technology instructional book, Flash Professional 8 Hands On Training which was published by

James has taught at College of Marin, Indian Valley campus in Novato, CA since 1995. Since 2007 he has been the primary class teacher of the web author of this christian educational web site, Mark Sanguinetti and has worked with him in an instructional and advisory capacity. During this time Mark has built 5 web sites, all of which are currently on the world wide web. James has been a great reference source and has worked with Mark side by side to the end that Mark has had a personal hands on source of reference in his web site technology projects which have been very challenging mentally. During this time James has always shown good character and has had a service oriented mind set which is very important in the Christian faith. James can be found on the internet through his web site GeekManuals © 2008-2010.

Mark Sanguinetti, Web Site AuthorMark Sanguinetti is the web author of this site. Mark is a 1979 graduate of Chico State University with a B.S. degree in business administration. While in college Mark was also a member of the Chico State soccer team which was nationally ranked among division 2 colleges. Mark's first year of college was at College of Marin in 1974 during which he was a member of the soccer team which qualified for the California community college play-offs.

Mark has owned and operated a custom athletic uniform and screen printing business since 1980, Team Sports Distributors, which promotes itself under the trade name dynamo athletic™. Mark is also a California licensed real estate broker and has been licensed since 2007. Working independently he has assisted buyers with the purchase of both residential and commercial property and has also been a knowledgeable broker as part of a 1031 tax exchange. Mark also has an interest in web technology and has developed his skills while taking classes at his local public junior college, College of Marin.

This christian web site has been a College of Marin public school community college class project for the 2010 spring semester. This is Mark's second christian educational web site and fifth overall as part of his community college class projects. His first christian educational site was also the first one that he built from scratch, This web site is not currently on the internet. Instead we have this web site for christianity.

Mark has spent countless hours studying the scriptures, especially the New Testament since he became a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ in 1973. He knows the New Testament well enough to have written articles which at times have placed highly on search engines for people who have searched for New Testament knowledge. Mark also knows his limitations and does not try to teach what he is not knowledgeable of. He will also edit his writings a number of times for content and clarity and gets the insight and feedback of other knowledgeable people during his writing process.

Mark has done his christian educational service solely to help others and never for financial gain. With the help of bible software that he has, which would be needful for any serious theological seminary student and with his writing skills he is able to write New Testament articles and commentaries. As an example of this, Mark wrote one of the main articles on this site named Age and the Greek Words Aion and Aionios. In addition, Mark also recently wrote and self-published a very biblical teaching book with the title "Our Loving Savior Jesus Christ" which can be purchased from this site. Mark has a very common sense approach to biblical understanding and always stresses fundamentals first and foremost while leaving out the politics, which historically over the centuries has done damage to people's knowledge of christianity.