Christian Reconciliation
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Purpose of Site

The primary purpose of any Christian endeavor should be to glorify the saviour of all mankind, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only through his life, sacrifice and resurrection that the people of the world have salvation, grace and the gift of holy spirit, which has brought to man godly spiritual fruit and character. It is only through Jesus Christ that people can have a more complete knowledge of and relationship with God, the creator of the heavens and earth. I hope this site does just that. Glorify the saviour, the only perfect man, the Lord Jesus Christ who is seated in the heavenlies at the right hand of God.

This web site is primarily a Christian educational teaching site with the bible as its primary source of knowledge and reference. The specific teaching emphasis for this site is the subject which is known by many people as "Christian Reconciliation". This is also known as "Christian Universalism" and described in a few words as "the reconciliation of all at the end of the ages by Jesus Christ who is the saviour of not just a few people, but all of mankind".

All bible teachings on this site are the original works by the authors listed. These might be authors that some Christians have not heard of, yet they may have published a number of books and articles that are scholarly and inspirational while also being very readible. Hence one of the purposes of this site is to introduce readers to these teachers and provide links to some of their many biblical Christian written works.

Additionally, good spiritual fruit is always important and critical in any christian endeavor. For example, I would never choose a bible teacher who thought he was superior to others in the body of Christ. Especially for bible teachers humility is of the greatest importance as the word of God must be received with meekness. Christian teachers must be meek to God if they expect to ever be filled by the Spirit and grow in knowledge that is of service to humanity. Furthermore, bible teachers must be an example of meekness and humility if they expect others to in turn be meek enough to learn from them. I believe all teachers on this site exhibit this godly fruit. Additionally, this site has been written and designed as a freewill offering to serve people the bread of life which is the word of God found in the bible.